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Training Packages

Basic training: 5 one hour private lessons in your home, once a week. Consists of Place, Walk on loose leash, Sit, Down, Perimeter Training and Elimination of common behavior problem

Intermediate training: 7 one hour private lessons in your home, once a week. This includes a remote training collar and consists of all the Basic training plus a Reliable Recall, Distraction Proofing, Basic Heel Position and an emphasis on a future of reliable Off Leash Work.

Advance training: 15 one hour private lessons in your home and at specified locations as recommended. This is for handlers who are seeking competition readiness with an emphasis on Official Rules, Competitive Handling Skills, Subtle Legal Cues & Preparing your partner for a top performance on the trial field. *Dog Must meet competition criteria.

Other services:
In-Kennel, Pick Up/Drop Off, Trouble Shoot , Safe Dog Training and Testing. With your friends, family, or neighbors, semi-private group lessons can be arranged. Group lesson's will include all skills listed in BASIC package.

We also offer:  Occupational Dog Bite Prevention Training

K9 S.A.F.E.
(Safety Awareness For Employees)

Please contact us direct for details, references and pricing.



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